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What does a dedicated technical team mean for you?

How will I know who my IT service desk team is?

The Process Starts Here


Sales Agreement Signed

This is where we will go over the contract with you to make sure you understand what it is you have been sold.


IT Service Desk Team Assignment

After we have gone through the contract and you have signed, you will get a welcome email. That welcome email will include the name of your team, employee names and positions in that team, and phone numbers that you will need to reach out to for help, billing and your salesman's information.


Technical Team Engagment

Your technical team and salesman, will work diligently to onboard your company. This will be working with your current vendors and current IT provider to get all the information we need to maintain your business.


Technical Review

Once the onboarding of your company is complete, we will have a technical review. This is to go over any questions that we may have missed in the onboarding of your company and to go over any information you may not fully understand. This is the final step in your onboarding process. Welcome to Byte Tek Solutions!

Why is the process done this way?

We employ this procedure to uphold the transparency of our company and clarify how tasks are accomplished. Additionally, it aids customers in retaining the information provided to them, thus preventing frustration throughout the process. We recognize that managing a business requires your full attention. If we were to present all the details within a single hour, followed by 16 additional discussions, how much of that initial information would you recall? This method is tailored to ensure that all parties comprehend the services offered and become acquainted with their new team.